As a result of my joining the Robinson+Cole Employee Benefits and Compensation Group in January 2017, the ERISA Claim Defense Blog has been added to the firm’s Thought Leadership offering. In addition to new posts, the blog has all of the same content it did from when I started it in 2012. For those of you who may not be familiar, this platform considers a broad range of issues confronting ERISA plans, administrators, fiduciaries and others, including the following:

  • notable decisions regarding standards to be followed in administering claims
  • litigation rules and strategies
  • changing interpretations of ERISA’s rights and obligations
  • the scope of the plans’ ability to obtain subrogation for benefits paid
  • other news and developments relevant to those interested in ERISA claims

You can subscribe to the blog by e-mail or by RSS feed. I think you’ll find the ERISA Claim Defense Blog helpful and engaging, and welcome your feedback and ideas about topics you’d like covered in the future.